Starring Balu Nagendra,Divya Uruduga,Chirashree Anchan and others
D.O.P: Ravee, Editor: Sanketh Virajpete, Music: Arjun Ramu
Vfx,Promos and Publicity Designs: Santhosh Radhakrishnan
Written and directed by : Aravind Kaushik. Producer: Nagesh Kogilu
‘Huliraaya’ the film is a metaphorical take on man’s quest for freedom, his struggle to retain his identity against all odds.
The film explores, in a very entertaining way, various facets of life, of how we want to live it, of how we are forced to live it and how we end up living it.
The story….
The film’s story revolves around the life of Suresha, a youth born and brought up in the deep forests of Karnataka.
The story follows Suresha and all the entertaining and interesting twists and turns in his life.
Dramatic and realistic at the same time, Huliraaya is a simple story that tries to make one realise how ’simple’ life really is..


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